CoNurse: a Guideline Adherence and Management System


Step-by-step guidance through nursing procedures.

In your pocket. Always accessible.

Quality increase with three-part system

Nothing changes when the approach for quality improvement is not systematic.

We are offering a quality management system for quality managers, and real-time support module for the clinical staff.




What is CoNurse? 

CoNurse is a voice-guided protocol adherence and deployment application.

Our platform provides step-by-step instructions for clinical procedures at the point of care, enforcing adherence to protocols and improving the quality and standardisation of care across the care continuum.

We turn complex instructions and guidelines into compact, voice-guided step-by-step checklists.

Guidelines management

Create and manage actionable and usable guidelines.

Checklists, bundles, protocols

Manage the care process with simple but accurate tools.

Real-time support

Get real-time guidance while performing the procedures.

Solution for the hospitals that want to improve the care quality

  Accessible and actionable guidelines 

Create actionable guidelines!

 Improved patient safety

Provide safer care!

 Better clinical outcomes

Achieved with guidelines adherence!

Clients and Partners




Interested in finding out more?

Ask us about our white paper.


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